Maker Monday circles

In June, I had the wonderful opportunity to be featured as an artist for the Nasco Education Maker Monday webinar series, thanks to my friend Kris Bakke, customer engagement manager.

Kris and I have become good friends via social media since meeting at the National Art Education Association’s convention held in Boston in 2019. You should see her engage with art and teachers. There is such joy and genuine excitement. She is one of the best humans making a difference in this world in so many ways.

In the Maker Monday series she hosts, I shared The Community Circle Project with the webinar participants. This was an opportunity to help spread the word about the goals of the project with a demo and a discussion about how this project can be used in the classroom to engage students as well as with adult staff and corporate teams. The goal is to connect people by tapping into  commonalities and shared experiences.

I invited participants to send me the circles they created in response to the prompt: What are you learning right now—during these challenging times.

I’m happy to share some of the circles in this post. There are others on the Instagram page. Go there to see them and follow @communitycircleproject. Use the contact form on this website if you would like to participate and responding to the prompt.

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